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Jamin Davis Scouting Report

"Rocked up, first off the bus, rangy backer that had a breakout year but doesn't play as fast as he timed and lacks fluidity."



Rocked up, rangy backer that's always around the ball. Fills hard and seeks collisions. Can make athletic plays on the ball and track underneath guys. Decent motor. Carries a lot of upside after a breakout year.



Plays high and stiff. Doesn't play as fast as he timed. Lacks instincts and anticipation. Can take terrible angles to the ball in space. Finds blocks and gets pancaked. One year wonder.



Davis is a first off the bus guy that tested like a freak at Kentucky's pro day but doesn't play as fast or as powerful as he looks. He's tentative, lacking anticipation and instincts.

An elite athlete is there to coach up, and he pursues well enough and works into passing lanes, but he's a project and a buyer beware prospect if he's drafted high.

NFL Comp. Oren Burks



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