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Jalen Carter Scouting Report

"Carries an Ideal combination of power and quickness for an interior defender and often looked like the most talented guy on a stacked Georgia defense. The elephant is the character."



Especially athletic interior defensive lineman with an ideal combination of power and quickness. Quick of the snap with active hands and can run for his size.

Naturally strong and can push through contact or anchor up. Flashes violent hands and can ragdoll opponents. Flashes solid ability to diagnose and anticipate.



Lacks precision. Little variety as a pass rusher and not technique polished as a run defender. On the ground too often. Character and maturity concerns abound. One year starter and couldn't stay healthy.



Carter stood out on a talent laden Georgia defense. He's a strong POA defender with the athletic ability to play on the edge and the bulk to flourish inside. He's got quickness in his hands and feet and can win with suddenness.

He's strong enough to throw grown men around and shows he can sink his hips and anchor. The drawbacks are that he's fairly reliant on his natural ability and lacks great technique. Consequently he's on the ground a lot or finds himself effectively spinning his wheels.

But the elephant is the character questions. It's not a stretch to say he's done everything possible to tank his draft stock since his season ended. Is it inconvenient timing, unfortunate circumstances, or is it a giant red warning sign? If he becomes a professional on and off the field he's a stubby Chris Jones. More likely though, he's a lighter Shaun Rogers.

NFL Comp: 325lb Shaun Rogers



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