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Jahmyr Gibbs Scouting Report

"Rocket launcher with vision, elusiveness and receiving ability. If there's a catch, it's that he's especially lean and is wasted running up into heavy traffic."



Lean, rocket launcher out of the backfield with vision and elusiveness. Gets downhill in a blur and can cut back devastatingly.

Good ball skills and an experienced receiver out of the backfield. Puts everything he's got into pass pro. Tough and will compete for yards after contact. Return ability.

Gibbs acceleration is special. He's lean and isn't really suited for traffic but in space he's a unique weapon.



Thin and underpowered. Can't regularly finish runs and gets collapsed by the pile. Gets run through in pass pro.



Gibbs has blistering speed and competes in every aspect that you want out of a RB. He's got lateral agility to pair with his home run speed, catches the ball well and can run solid routes. He doesn't back down to physical collisions and goes all in as a blocker.

The catch is that he's thin and just not strong. He's not often creating those hidden yards by finishing or falling forward. And while he competes and shows flashes, he's not an ideal yards after contact guy.

NFL Comp: Raheem Mostert



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