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Jabari Ellis Scouting Report

"Nearly always the first guy off the snap and is always motoring to the ball but is off the radar because of meager production and lack of size."



Fires off the ball with consistent first step quickness. Generally consistent using leverage. Possesses A to B chase speed. Shows up against the run and can pressure the pass effectively. Good motor.

I've admittedly got a weakness for undersized interior defenders that win with quickness and hustle. #99 Ellis routinely jumped off the film to me but is entirely off the radar in this class. He could surprise if his anchor and poa physicality hold up.



Tweener body and lacks size and anchor strength. Doesn't come off blocks quickly. Hits trash. Awareness is lacking and doesn't find the ball as fast as he could. Slight career production.



First step quick interior defensive guy that could grow into a better pro player than college player. Regularly the first guy off the snap and effectively uses leverage but his hand work is pedestrian and doesn't rip off blocks with speed.

He's light for an interior player and not long or explosive enough for the edge. Classic tweener that often fails to find a niche. But his jump off the snap and leverage work is ideal to play inside.

NFL Comp: Larry Ogunjobi



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