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Ivan Pace Jr Scouting Report

Pint sized kamikaze that lives in the backfield and can be undefendable when he anticipates correctly on the move. His aggression is double edged, however, and he ends up sacrificing his body.



Pint sized kamikaze in the middle and on the edge with a forever motor. Top tier lateral quickness and coiled up power. Relishes collisions and shoots the gap at will.

Carries better strength than size suggests and can take on inside. Above board speed and mobility in space. Ridiculously dominant blitzer with anticipation and finish.



Pint sized and sacrifices his body too often which could dramatically shorten his lifespan. Aggression occasionally leads to overruns and missteps. Limited coverage experience and potentially a liability in man at his size.



Pace is plus athlete with an impressive combination of quickness and power. He carries a big dog mentality that generally compensates for his sawed off frame.

That said, his size limitations will be more prominent at the next level and his play style will need more anticipation than pure heart for him to be a stand out producer.

I think he has some position versatility because of his dominance on the edge. James Harrison ghosts flash on film but that may be too lofty of a comp.

NFL Comp: Dexter Coakley



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