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Isreal Abanikanda Scouting Report

"Chunk play, downhill runner that has the feet to be slippery on the move. Not agile but he can finish runs and catch the ball adeptly."



Downhill, breakaway runner with deceptive feet. Physical through the hole and finishes runs. Flashes a second gear in space. Subtle feet and creates lanes in traffic.

Good hands receiver and can make difficult catches. Strikes hard in pass pro. Returner experience.

Abanikanda is more versatile then I think he's given credit for. Beyond his speed in the open field, he's strong through the hole, has good feet and is a nice receiving threat.



Often a one speed runner and easy to track. Tight and doesn't have special elusiveness. Messy technique in pass pro.



Izzy is a chunk play runner that can exploit creases. He's got good feet and can make himself slippery heading downhill. He's strong and can move piles occasionally and typically finishes runs. As a receiver he's got reliable hands and solid experience.

The rub is that he lacks ideal agility and isn't anywhere near a stop/start guy. Once he gets the rock he's on the rail with no stops. He's physical in pass pro but poor technique leads to fails.

NFL Comp: Felix Jones



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