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Greg Rousseau Scouting Profile

"Has the frame, closing speed and heavy hands of an elite edge but is high cut with mediocre initial quickness and poor instincts."



Impressive length and speed. Flashes shock in his hands and the ability to stack and shed. Can bench press guys with his long arms and come off to the ball.

Generally maintains good leverage despite his angular build. Good linear speed and can operate in space with ease.

Short clip here basically encapsulates Rousseau's play. Doesn't beat the OT off the edge but hustles and closes back to the ball with speed.



Get off is mediocre. High cut and doesn't have great balance. Upper half and lower half not always in sync. Doesn't have moves besides the bull rush.

Lackluster hand usage. Recognition lacking and he loses track of the ball. Not the greatest motor.



Rousseau had somewhat of a breakout down the stretch in 2019 and was poised for a big 2020 but was obliged to opt out over covid concerns.

He possesses the frame, closing speed and heavy hands of an elite edge talent. He can be overwhelming with his speed and length and get disruptive in the backfield.

The "but" is that he's just not particularly hard to block. His get off and technique are average and he's high cut with stiffness in his hips. He's won by cleaning up with his closing speed and wing span but he's rarely beaten guys head up.

He's a significant buyer beware prospect that looks an awful lot like a Clemson DE.

NFL Comp. Terrell Lewis



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