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Greg Dulcich Scouting Report

"Athletic guy with good speed, quick feet and strong hands for a TE. Drawbacks are that he's a linear mover, doesn't sell routes and is under-powered coming out."



Long levered TE with good speed for the position. Possesses quick feet and strong ball skills. Adept in traffic and has strong hands. Experienced blocker in space and inline and walls off effectively.



Tight hipped and lacks fluidity. Doesn't sell routes effectively. Lacks power as a blocker and can get big boy'd by physicality.



Sudden, long levered TE with ball skills and seam speed. But he's tight in his lateral movements and isn't adept yet at selling his routes.

That said, he's a seem buster that can make difficult catches in traffic. He's puts in work as a blocker but is underpowered and not much more than a wall off guy at this point.

NFL Comp: Ed Dickson



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