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Felix Anudike-Uzomah Scouting Report

"Revved up DE with power and sudden mobility that can embarrass lesser opponents but isn't as effective when the bunny bows up."



Revved up defensive end with power and sudden speed. Possesses first step quickness and can close with a flourish. Good change of direction. Combative and active with his hands at the poa.

Solid anchor for his size and flashes ability to hold an edge. Long armed and has shown potential to dictate loa contact, read and react. Forever motor.



Somewhat tight and undersized. Gets nullified by good power. Balance isn't ideal and on the ground too much.



Uzomah is a first step power end that can often embarrass blockers. His motors always up and he employs his length and speed to harass the ball carrier. He's stout for his size and flashes the ability to hold his ground at the poa. He's long armed and can flash violent hands occasionally.

The rub is that while he's strong and always dialed up, he's usually punching up somewhat and gets less effective matched up against quality power and athleticism. He doesn't always show a counter and if his shock and awe initial start is stopped he's not much of a factor.

NFL Comp: lean Adrian Clayborn



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