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Eric Barriere Scouting Report

"Quick release, mobile, Air Raid arm talent that's a runner/passer threat but a limited progression reader and looses precision under pressure."



Quick release, easy velocity, thrower with some mobility. Good arm talent and capable of every throw. Comfortable on the move.

Manipulates the pocket with quickness and creates space to throw. A threat as a north south scrambler.

Barriere's shown the ability to make every throw out there and has plenty highlights of improvisational gems. His development is about transitioning to more of a pro scheme, turning progressions, and recognizing pre and post snap adjustments.



Doesn't turn/read progressions. Locks on and doesn't always see out front. Precision plummets under pressure. Mobile athlete but not especially elusive or physical and not too difficult to tackle. Slight, small frame.



Barriere's had monster production at EWU and offers a strong arm with a quick release and foot quickness. But he struggles under pressure, played in a raid spread scheme that had little to no progression reads and isn't the dynamic runner that his highlights suggest.

He's an intriguing project that will need to learn a pro system and improve his poise.

NFL Comp: better zip Taylor Heinicke



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