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Edefuan Ulofoshio Scouting Report

"Tackling machine when he's healthy with instincts and quickness but hasn't gotten 100% over a 2021 knee injury and his projection is murky."



Thumping tackling machine with solid quickness. Agile, stays square, and fills with aggression. Diagnoses effectively and shows anticipation.

Capable in zone coverage. Flashes some ability to take on and shed. Has solid range when healthy and a good motor.

Ulofoshio's instinctive and technique sound as a tackler, staying square and firing into ball carriers. On the goal line versus Michigan here wins this goal line confrontation.



Can be blocked and taken entirely out. Lacks ideal size and speed. Inconsistent getting off blocks. Lengthy injury history including a knee season ender and hasn't played a full season in 3 years.



Ulofoshio at his best is a high volume tackler that diagnoses and closes to the ball quickly. He led Washington in tackles per game as a soph and junior. He fills hard but is capable dropping in coverage and recognizes pass lanes in zone.

The elephant is that he's been injury prone and effectively MIA since his junior year. The knee injury he suffered in 6 games into 2021 effectively canceled his senior season and he's seemingly never completely recovered, also opting out of all pre draft workouts.

His draft stock is justifiably taking a massive hit and he's way off the radar. He's a legitimate boom/bust prospect because if he returns to form he's a sure fire steal.

NFL Comp: Josey Jewell



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