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Dwayne Eskridge Scouting Profile

"He can regularly threaten down the field and plays angry. Drawback is that he's a lightweight and can be bullied off his route."



Twitchy, legitimate deep threat that flashes yac ability. Carries extra gears at the top of his route. Flashes angry competitiveness and even played defense to start his 4th season.

Flashes ability to snatch with hands. Dominated the corners at senior week practices. Knows where the weight room is.


Dee shows impressive deep speed and ball skills in this play vs Syracuse.



Doesn't like tactile corners and gets bullied off his route. Inconsistent hands and can drop some easy ones. Lack of length is often an issue. Overaged. Missed most of the 2019 season with a broken collarbone while playing defense.



Eskridge has elite speed and can regularly threaten down the field. His foot quickness and physicality flash on his releases and routes but it's inconsistent.

Tactile corners can fuck with his balance in his route. His hands are inconsistent but he's shown the ability to make tough grabs.

Eskridge played both sides of the ball as a senior and emerged as the teams best cover corner but was injured on a tackle. Returned to WR full time as a RS senior and had his best year.

NFL Comp. Diontae Johnson



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