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Drew Sanders Scouting Report

"Off ball EV accelerator with length and lightening hands. Bites off more than he can chew at his strength and size but he should grow and improve his precision with experience."



Cat quick, off ball defender, with rush ability. Lightening hands and quick feet. Impressive burst from a to b. Adept in space and can run and close. Flashes aggression to take on.

Flashes ability to cover and shows anticipation in zone. Employs a variety of pass rush moves and can impact as a rusher/blitzer. Big motor.



Underpowered and defeated by power. Breakneck burst often hinders his ability to break down in space and he lets guys out the yard. Lacks sand and doesn't regularly survive collisions.



Sanders is long framed linebacker with elite closing burst and quickness in his hands. He covers ground in space, can anticipate in coverage and provide a threat off the edge as a rusher.

That said, he lacks strength and sand right now and can get simply put to sleep by power. If he doesn't win with quickness he's generally not winning, despite a strong motor. Goes without speaking that if Sanders gets markedly stronger he'll become a beast of a pro.

NFL Comp: quicker Kyle Van Noy



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