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Deuce Vaughn Scouting Report

"Bite size runner that punches clear over his weight with elite burst, vision and receiving skills. That said, he's still pocket sized and isn't a blazer."



Bite size runner with elite burst, vision and receiving skills. Stays square with top tier contact balance and is able to punch above his weight. Hands receiver that's adept catching down the field and can adjust to errant passes.

Manages contact with agility and awareness and rarely takes killer shots. Rarely gives up the rock. Dives in and competes in pass pro.

Vaughn's ability to stay square allows him to maintain leverage through contact as a runner, but flat foot in pass pro he's a liability in waiting. While the last snap here shows he can compete if he anticipates his target, pint size at the end is still pint size.

5'5 180 at the goal line isn't supposed to go like this.

Vaughn has the punch over his weight thing down. Finishes the check down here in a crowd.



Pocket sized and can get squashed in pass pro. He'll take a good share of 0 yards after contact despite his hustle. Doesn't have blazing speed.



Vaughn is an impressive RB talent that exploits space and is more physical than his size says he should be. He's got a unique ability to stay square with balance, and along with elite agility, it enables him to leverage contact and finish runs.

He's a good receiver with ball skills, route experience and the ability to catch in a crowd. His sole weakness is that he's a hiccup. He can get overwhelmed by size and dropped quickly on contact.

NFL Comp: pocket Devonta Freeman



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