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Demetric Felton Scouting Profile

"Pound for pound, hard nosed WR/RB that had a breakout year as a workhorse RB for the Bruins. Then switched solely to WR in Mobile and stood out."



Hard nosed WR turned RB that plays with a chip and carried the Bruins' running game in 2020. Effective inside runner despite size.

Solid ball skills and an experienced route runner out wide and in the slot. Quick feet and a solid burst. Good returner. Runs to daylight with decent breakaway speed.



Small and not especially elusive or a blazer. Often overwhelmed in pass pro. RAS testing as a WR was awful.



Felton got noticeably quicker taking over starting duties from Josh Kelly this season. Despite his diminutive size and history as a WR, he was an absolute workhorse that often carried the offense.

Pound for pound tough guy capable of producing between the tackles but versatile enough to handle 3rd down receiving back snaps. Pass pro technique needs tightening up however. Switched to WR senior week and stood out.

Athletic testing says he's a RB however. Wherever he lines up, Felton is a tough play maker and could find a Faulk-esque role on a winning team.

NFL Comp. angry J.D. McKissic



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