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DeMarvin Leal Scouting Report

"Tweener that lacks ideal explosiveness outside and power inside. Traits will boost his draft stock but finding a niche might be elusive."



Thick, inside/outside runner with a motor. Pursues well, easy change of direction for his size, and has a closing burst. Shows power, comes off blocks, and pursues through contact. Flashes strong hands.



Tweener that lacks ideal explosiveness off the edge and power inside. Rooted out and blocked when he's squared up. Blasted away by the double.



Leal looks more comfortable and productive at DE but doesn't have terrific get off. He's built like a DT but could be a liability inside on early downs. His size, motor and flashes of strength are intriguing but he doesn't consistently play like a beast. His traits will help his draft stock but finding his niche might be elusive.

NFL Comp: Marlon Davidson


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