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Daxton Hill Scouting Report

"Loose hipped, athletic CB with the physicality and disposition of a LB whose only real limitation is just sheer size."



Diminutive blur with an angry play style. Loose hipped corner with the physicality and disposition of a linebacker. Competent in man coverage and experienced in the slot. Versatile enough to cover out wide if need be.

Comfortable and aware in zone with a good click and close. Experienced in single high and shows awareness and elite range. A terror in the box and an adept blitzer. Sound tackler that delivers haymakers when he anticipates.



Limited length and sheer size.



Hill is the most versatile defensive back in this class. He possesses a CB's speed and hips with a safety's strength and tackling ability. He's lined up covering the slot, the boundary, single high and in the box.. and made plays at each spot.

His only real limitation is just the sheer size and length he gives up at 6'0 190. He can get big boyed by contested catch guys and run through by power runners.

NFL Comp: skinny Troy Polamalu



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