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Daviyon Nixon Scouting Profile

"Especially mobile DT with length and a motor coming off a breakout season but he's running uphill vs power inside and can struggle vs the double."



Athletic, active IDL with better range and mobility than most. Impressive closing speed and hustle. Tracks down the ball 30yds down the field.

Flashes ability to split doubles and works guys man to man. Aware as a rusher and gets his hands up to deflect. Works his hands and arm length to generally keep free. Works hard and battles vs the double.

Nixon can win off the snap with athleticism and finish with a solid motor. Here he splits the double and gets home. (#54)

His range and ease in the open field is special for a 310+ IDL. (#54)



Lacks an anchor and gets washed by down blocks. Technique and recognition are a work in progress. One year starter. Struggles with a learning disability.

Nixon battles but sheer power can uproot him off the poa. Minnesota blasts him out of the hole here.



Nixon's an especially mobile DT that looks pretty comfortable in space. He hustles and works on the interior, occupies blockers, causes disruption, and can make athletic plays behind the los.

He's running uphill vs power inside though and can struggle vs the double; but it's a safe projection he'll get bigger and stronger down the road. In a weak interior class he stands out as a high upside project that could put it all together as a pro.

NFL Comp. Sheldon Richardson



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