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Davis Mills Scouting Report

"Unripe developmental guy with decent tools and football IQ that's been bitten with knee injuries and struggles off platform."



Strong armed, precision passer with functional mobility. Flashes strong ball placement out of a clean pocket. Poised and gets to his second read quickly. Flashes good anticipation. Solid linear running ability if it's there. Upside.



Can't improvise or buy time effectively. Off platform throws are a struggle. Too mechanical. Accuracy glitches occasionally. Questionable decision making at times. Lacks experience. (11 career starts). Multiple left knee surgeries.



Mills has accuracy and decision making glitches on film that are common to a QB that's only had about one season's worth of meaningful starts. He's a guy that almost certainly would have raised his stock by remaining at Stanford.

Which raises the elephant...why did he declare and what truly motivates him? As it is, he's a developmental guy with decent tools and football IQ that's got potential medical red flags after injuring his left knee twice, requiring surgery each time.

NFL Comp. Chad Henne



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