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David Ojabo Scouting Report

"Explosive get off guy with solid natural upper body strength that just started playing the game. Downside is that he's tight hipped, under powered, inexperienced and now coming off an Achilles."



Prototype edge sized athlete. Quick, initial burst guy with above average speed. Flashes ability to cover in space and changes direction competently. Instincts in coverage are encouraging.

Has some shock in his hands and his upper body strength is solid. Flashes natural leverage. Further along than his experience suggests he should be.



Balance and lower body strength are lacking. Shows tightness in his hips and lacks ideal flexibility.

One year wonder with very little football experience and his technique is a work in progress. Hands are underutilized. Pro day Achilles injury is damaging to his short and long term prospects.



Ojabo improved rapidly after starting the season as a spot starter and progressed to full reps by year's end. After playing just four years of organized football he's carrying a dearth of upside. He's an explosive get off guy with solid natural strength. His linear speed is special in close quarters.

That said, he's tight and can get escorted wide by solid technicians. He's inexperienced and doesn't possess great technique at this point and can get glued to blocks. He's strong and can rag doll weaker guys but that'll rarely be the case in the pros. At his point he's a one trick guy with substantial upside.

NFL Comp: Bruce Irvin



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