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David Bell Scouting Report

"Deceptive traits receiver that's been a difference maker since his true freshmen season. Employs subtle strength, route running and elite ball skills but has some inconsistencies on film and tested poorly."



Deceptive traits receiver, stronger than he looks and has few weaknesses. Quick, physical, separator with good ball skills and size. Subtlety strong off the line and at the top of his route.

Can make acrobatic catches and be fearless in traffic. Tough and quick after the catch and a threat in the open field. Good awareness and finds space in the scramble drill. Solid blocker and works at it. Clutch.

Bell is more explosive on the field than he is on the track. He's been a productive playmaker since his freshman season due to solid route running, ball skills and toughness. Traits that ought to translate to Sundays.



Doesn't possess game breaking speed. Inconsistent catching through contact and in traffic. Athletic testing was an L.



Bell can be a tough cover with his combination of quickness, size, ball skills and physicality. He's been a difference maker since day 1 at Purdue with massive production for 3 seasons.

The rub is that he can be somewhat inconsistent from play to play. He can body up a guy and high point in traffic one play then come up short on the next 50/50 ball. Break an ankle one route than get mirrored on the next.

His production shows he's consistently winning but the superstar ability that's there just flashes. His draft stock took a significant hit with poor athletic testing to the point he's now significantly underrated.

NFL Comp: Jeremy Maclin



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