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Darnell Wright Scouting Report

"Club bouncer with power, mobility and improving technique but is tight, top heavy, struggles with counters and may have an issue with consistency long term."



Club bouncer with power and solid mobility. Upper body strong and relishes throwing guys around when he gets a hold of them. Sets with quickness, can move well, a to b, and into the second level.

Strong hands and has a solid punch. Mean pile pusher at the poa when his technique is sound. Technique has improved overall and has a lot of experience including both sides of the line.



Stiff, awkward and lacks balance. Struggles to recover from false steps. Doesn't consistently sustain. Is high too often and can get washed backwards. Pro wrestler mentality and draws fouls.



Wright's a first off the bus bouncer with good upper body strength and decent mobility that relishes throwing guys out the club. At his best he sets well, gets a hold of guys and dictates confrontations.

Consistency, balance and technique are the issues. He's a tight, top heavy mover and struggles to recover from counters or good hand technicians.

He's a bully but gets high often and trashed on initial contact more than you would like. Projects as a starting RT with considerable upside but athletic technicians will work him.

NFL Comp: mean Cordy Glenn



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