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Damonte Coxie Scouting Profile

"Long, wiry WR with quick feet that plays with impressive toughness in spite of his frame. But his lack of baseline athleticism will likely make him an UDFA."



Long, angry, wide out with quick feet. High points and wins in traffic. Quick footwork and is physical off his release.

Solid cod for an angular WR. Capable of clutch plays. Devastating blocker that relishes that part of the game. Flashes some yac ability.


Coxie shows sound footwork and suddenness vs the press.

Routinely strong in traffic as evidenced here vs Wake.

A little hard to make out in this short clip but Coxie (bottom WR) takes his guy out the club on 1st and goal.



Lacks solid speed and explosion. Doesn't separate at the top like he does out the gate. Doesn't regularly box out with his long frame, letting guys around him.


It's the finish for me



Tone setter that plays angry and consistently makes "wants it more" plays. Has some of the most physical blocks I've ever seen from a WR prospect and clearly relishes bullying opponents. He brings that physicality to his route running and high pointing the ball.

The knock is that he's not especially fast or explosive. And while he has height and punches up, he's not a big guy that can regularly box out opponents. He's a likely late rounder to UDFA that'll need to fight onto a roster, but could be hard to displace once he's there.

NFL Comp. Zach Pascal



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