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Dameon Pierce Scouting Report

"A short stack, wound up power back with elite burst but lacks elusiveness and ideal finishing strength between the tackles."



Short stack power back with elite burst. Quick footed and wastes little time heading north south. Hits top speed in a step and becomes a chore to tackle at pace.

Initial cod is top notch. Quality hands. Competes in pass pro.



Lacks elusiveness. Power back mentality but doesn't regularly play to his weight and often taken down on first contact if he can't open it up.



Pierce is a hard charger with an impressive rpm thru the hole. Sticks his foot down and changes direction quickly but doesn't have much wiggle or open field elusiveness.

Finishes runs with steam but he's not as effective grinding it out in a crowd. Possesses reliable hands on screens and check downs.

NFL Comp: Robert Turbin



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