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Dalton Kincaid Scouting Report

"Roadhouse" has one of the angriest play styles Ive seen and can be a threatening receiving TE, with yac ability and ball skills. Needs more precision and strength but the ceiling is considerable."



Athletic receiving TE that uniquely relishes collisions. Reliable underneath ball skills and flashes ability to win contested catches.

Shows juice after the catch with burst and top tier open field running ability for the position. Eager for contact as a blocker and always ready to do the dirty work.



Lacks power at the poa. Relishes collisions perhaps too much and repeatedly runs into walls full steam. Suffered shoulder injury late season preventing pre draft workouts.

Limited route tree and tends to tip off his intermediate & downfield routes. Slightly overaged. (23)



"Roadhouse" is one of the angriest receiving TEs I've seen. Routinely sticks his head in the hornets nest as a blocker despite getting stung again and again. Lacks power at the poa and often destroyed but never backs down. Tenacity pays off at times and he could become a force with added strength.

Impressive yac threat as a receiver with a first step. Flashes notable ball skills. Destined to be a fan favorite with his play style and open field running ability.

NFL Comp: George Kittle



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