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D'Ante Smith Scouting Profile

"Brutal puncher with a big time wingspan that can maneuver effectively but has been woefully undersized and needs to build grown man strength."



Mauling mobile lineman that can generate push in the run game and hang with speed off the edge. Brutal puncher with long arms. Coordinated mover in space. If he reaches the down block you're going for a ride. Dominated the pass rushers at senior week practices.

Length, animosity and hustle show out in Smith's game but he's plenty rough around the edges.



Lacks ideal length and initial quickness. Can struggle to sustain. Woefully undersized and added 20 lbs since his season ended.



Opted out of 2020 after an opening game injury but had a strong showing at senior week practices. Smith is a long armed puncher with solid second level mobility.

Undersized for most of his career he's had issues handling power and anchoring. His feet are adequate but not ideal. His reach and animosity make up for a good bit of his limitations but he'll need to further his technique and overall strength to be a high level starter.

NFL Comp. broke Duane Brown



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