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Cole Kmet Scouting Report

"Possesses ideal size and great ball skills, Kmet is a reliable, clutch, receiving TE, but not a great route runner or impactful blocker as yet"



Gets out into his stem fairly quickly and can threaten the seam. Great, soft hands and can make the difficult catch. Nice catch radius and can go high or dig out errant throws.

Tough and survives contact after the catch. Competes as a blocker with sound technique. Solid motor and leaves it out there.



Rounds out routes. Linear mover and not much of a threat after the catch. Doesn't catch with contact as well as you'd like.

Competes as blocker but basically just gets in the way. Lacks strength to truly be effective there. Has had a collarbone break.



Kmet's best attributes are his hands and sheer size. He's got impressive ball skills with a good catch radius and is a reliable, clutch receiver.

He has functional speed into his routes with enough juice to threaten the seam but he's a better linear mover than in and out of his breaks. Lacks a lot of strength as a blocker and isn't a factor there although he's willing.

NFL Comp. Hunter Henry



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