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Chris Rumph II Scouting Profile

"Long, twitchy edge guy with a skinny, but good frame and physicality for his size.

The catch is that he burns out quickly punching up all the time, and is an inconsistent playmaker."



Long, twitchy edge guy with the frame to add weight. Impressive closing burst and can get to A to B in a blink. Wiry thin but relishes physicality and dives into confrontations.

Flashes violent hands, shows sound technique, has counters and leverage ability. Good awareness in space and gets into passing lanes. Solid motor. Played LB, edge and DE.

Rumph (#96 R/ED) just has a dog mentality and constantly throws himself into the fray to make a play.

Against the Irish's physical OL in these clips, he shows the grit and technique, if not the size, to hold up at the poa.


As a sophomore Rumph (#96) showed well vs Alabama and OT Wills. If he maintains his twitch while likely picking up size and strength as a pro, he's a good bet to outplay his draft slot.



Writes checks his thin frame can't cash. Under powered, gets bounced around, burns his gas quickly and struggles to finish. Inconsistent hand work and gets stuck to blocks.

Inconsistent speed on film and often a hair late. Too often a snap jumper and false starts. Officially just a one year starter.



Rumph carries a lot of upside as an edge defender. His motor, physicality, technique and twitch are first rate. He punches above his weight and throws himself into skirmishes.

He's rangy and aware in space with the versatility to line up in a number of spots. The catch is that he's woefully undersized right now and inconsistent on film.

Punching up appears to gas him quickly. He can look like a different guy from one quarter to the next and leaves too many plays on the field. He'll no doubt get bigger and stronger as a pro and he has the frame to add good weight. Reliability is the primary obstacle for a good pro projection.

NFL Comp. angry Barkevious Mingo



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