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Chris Olave Scouting Report

"Productive guy with ordinary traits until a big play is to be made. He's clutch with an extra gear when the deep ball is in the air but doesn't really threaten otherwise."



Ball skills clinician with deceptive speed. Has an extra gear and runs away from defenders on long shots. Tougher than he appears and flashes ability to absorb contact.

Good poise at the catch point and can adjust, tap toes or dig out errant passes. Capable blocker with awareness.

#17 Olave's an ordinary WR prospect... until a big play is to be made. He's got an impressive poise at the catch point and the ball skills to make the play.



Lacks great foot quickness and burst. A build up speed guy that doesn't especially fire off the line. Inconsistent playing through contact. Not a yard after catch threat.



Olave has been reliable and productive at OSU, using a combination of speed and elite ball skills to be a consistent deep threat. He's a capable route runner but his best trait might be having a clutch gene.

He's been a dial it up chunk play and move the chain producer that rarely missed opportunities to make the play. He's not an explosive guy or possessing impressive size/length and could see a good share of press coverage on the outside as a pro.

NFL Comp: Anthony Gonzalez



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