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Chigoziem Okonkwo Scouting Report

"First off the bus guy but just teases his athletic ability and talent and needs to play to his size more often as a receiver and blocker."



Smooth athlete with ball skills and solid speed. Changes gears well and can be a deceptive route runner. Has a burst off the line and good footwork in and out of breaks.

Gets behind guys with suddenness. Flashes good hands. Solid open field runner with foot quickness and contact balance. Flashes good blocking ability.



Needs to get big in traffic more often on contested catches. Lacks anticipation as a blocker and can get high. Lack of length shows up as both a receiver and as a blocker. One year wonder.



Okonkwo is a first off the bus guy but just teases his athletic ability and talent. He's got suddenness off the line and can get behind defenders. He's an intriguing route runner with gears and quick feet for his size.

He flashes good ball skills but his catch radius is limited. He's a threat in the open field and has some wiggle but lacks real breakaway speed.

As a blocker he basically gets in the way although his size and athleticism suggest he could do more. His blocking technique is pedestrian. The awareness and effort are there but he's too often late and high to his targets.

NFL Comp: Jonnu Smith



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