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Charlie Kolar Scouting Report

"Essentially a 6'7 WR with reliable hands. He's high cut and lacks some fluidity but shows the ability to create subtle separation."



Lengthy receiving TE with solid speed and quickness for the position. Tough with reliable hands. Has some quickness and physicality in his routes. Aggressive as a blocker and doesn't slack.



High cut and lacking ideal fluidity. Blocking is a work in progress and he generally came off the field in obvious run formations.



Kolar is a reliable receiving TE that can get into his route and create some separation at the top with regularity. He's capable of making crowd catches and absorbing punishment.

Essentially a big WR, he's got some speed and quick feet in the open field. That said, he's high cut and isn't a fluid route runner or athlete. He's got experience as an inline blocker but he's generally not making a great impact there, although the effort shows up.

NFL Comp: Hunter Henry


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