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Ceedee Lamb Scouting Report

"Angular, surprisingly strong WR with ball skills, gears and dangerous run after the catch ability that looked like a man among boys in the Sooner offense against Big 12 defenders"



Physical receiver with great hands, catch radius, and short area quickness. Clutch performer. Dangerous yac receiver with cod, burst and toughness. Impressive lower body strength and can gear down or turn it up quickly. Consistent first step quickness.

Relishes blocking and can bury DBs. Regularly climbs the latter to make the spectacular catch. Good character guy that wants to be the, put the team on his back, guy.

  • Lamb's an adept gear shifter and is able to consistently separate from defenders by throttling down or up.

  • Relishes the physical matchups and likes to impose on opponents. Here he catches the KSU corner on his heels



Lacks great deep speed. Sooner spread scheme offered plenty of clean releases where he could slow play into his stems before changing gears. Rarely challenged physically or athletically in the Big 12.



Lambs an angular, surprisingly strong WR with a lot of gears. He's a dominant first step quick yac runner with good vision and grit. Owns spectacular ball skills and can regularly win in a crowd. He lacks pure over the top speed but can change gears with suddenness.

Lamb didn't encounter many athletic CBs up in his face as a Sooner. His projection depends on how he defeats better athletes at the los as a pro. He's got an abundance of dog, strength and cod to figure he can consistently win but it's something to prove at the next level.

NFL Comp. Allen Robinson



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