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Camryn Bynum Scouting Profile

"A bigger, sticky corner with great ball skills and experience. He lacks ideal quickness, however, and his future might be as a center fielder."



Good sized, tactile corner with strong ball skills. Flashes a good punch. Playmaker within his radius. Solid tackler that flashes a punishing style.

Well experienced playing off, up in man and carries versatility to switch to safety. Team leader and a two year captain.



Lacks elite quickness and is short armed. Click & close is mediocre. Needs to be tactile to hang with most guys. Dog mentality comes and goes and doesn't always play as physical as he's capable.



Bynum's a bigger, sticky corner with great ball skills. He's been a key contributor for the Bears since his freshman season. Crowds guys off the line and closes with force.

Where he's limited is in his short area quickness and top end speed. He can struggle to hang with elite quickness and cod. His future might be as a center fielder but if he's technique sound he'll contribute early on at CB.

NFL Comp. short armed Logan Ryan



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