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Cameron Dantzler Scouting Report

"Wiry, angry, corner with elite lateral quickness that put together great film his junior year but hurt his draft stock with poor athletic testing at the Combine"



Long, angry, wiry, CB with elite lateral movement. Click and closes fast with animosity. Gets in the hip pocket and nullifies back shoulder throws.

Flashes some hands and carries a lot of upside in press man. Good awareness in zone and closes well on the ball with decent ball skills.

Can be a vicious tackler that sacrifices his light frame. Great blitzer that can finish and is a strip sack guy that looks to punch the ball out.



Top end speed is in question after a particularly poor combine. Tested like a sub athlete and showed up with shorter than ideal arms for his height.

Can get overaggressive and overrun plays. Slight frame might not hold up to his physical style.



  • #3 Dantzler's a wiry, quick corner with length but it's the dog in him that really sticks out. He's aggressive to the ball no matter who he's up against. In the first of this series of plays, at the top of the screen, he's blocked well by Thad Moss but ends up rag dolling him by the end.


Dantzler looks like a 1st round CB on tape. His length, lateral fluidity and physicality jump out and he looks adept in both man and playing off. But his poor 40 time and vert at the combine are significant knocks on his draft stock.

One reasoning I've read was that he was attempting to bulk up his slight frame and sacrificed his speed. In any case, his field speed appears better than his combine 4.6. He matched up against Henry Ruggs during the season and held his on longer routes.

I think he's a potential steal if his stock doesn't recover and he drops.

NFL Comp. Richard Sherman



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