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Cam Akers Scouting Report

"Tough, versatile back that's a chore to bring down but I don't think he plays with the same juice he tests with"



Elusive, tough, versatile back that's a chore to bring down. Good lateral quickness and gets out of tight spaces. Good lean and body angle and flashes ability to drive for extra yards.

Dips his shoulder and has a truck stick. Competes and has plenty experience in pass pro. Solid hands catcher out the backfield.



2nd gear is often lacking. Balance can be inconsistent; forward body lean brings him to the ground too often.

Pass pro technique is inconsistent despite plenty of experience. Takes some punishing hits. Poor ball security with a high 1.53% fumble rate.



Akers played through some mediocre blocking for much of his time as a Seminole, often having to elude a defender right from the jump. He's had to be resilient and patience in his approach and it shows with his yards after contact and consistent level of play.

I don't think he plays with the same juice as he tested, however. While he's got solid burst and feet he doesn't threaten with his speed and his play style is more hesitant than urgent. He's been reliable but not explosive. His ball security is a flag and could dampen his stock.

NFL Comp. angry Gio Bernard


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