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Calijah Kancy Scouting Report

"Explosive 3 tech with rare mobility and heart as an interior defender but simply gets mushed because of his size and length limitations."



Explosive 3 technique with quick hands and footwork. Leverages off the snap and has a good initial push. Generally stays free and flows to the ball.

Adept finding creases to pressure. Good awareness on the ball and has some stack and shed ability. Experience at DE and can move around the front, including drop in space.



Short armed and undersized. If he doesn't win leverage on contact he's going for a ride. Worked in rotation on Pitt and burns gas quickly.



Kancy's an impressive football player punching way over his weight on the interior of the defensive line. He's quick off the snap and active with his hands and through contact. His agility and motor are easily evident.

That said, his size and length shortcomings are also pretty glaring. He's washed and escorted around by comparative size, athleticism and strength. A position switch is a distinct possibility at the next level or a particular sub package for him as a pass rush specialist.

Given his ability in space it's conceivable Kancy could drop some weight and play as an edge in a 34 defense or predominantly outside in an even front. He's not that much different to a Melvin Ingram but he would have to dedicate to transforming his body somewhat.

It wasn't his typical alignment, but Kancey did line up on the edge occasionally. Given his size limitations, unless he's a unicorn of a DT, he may see more of that as a pro.

NFL Comp: technique sound Solomon Thomas



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