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Caleb Farley Scouting Profile

"Once poised to contend for CB# 1, his draft stock is clouded after opting out and his injury concerns reemerged. Healthy, he's a long CB with top tier athletic ability and upside."



Long corner with impressive click & close. Closes in a blink in off man. Has an effective quick jab in press. Top tier athletic ability and looks to be able to run with most. Good pursuit tackler.

Tactile guy that can win contested situations. Possesses elite press tools with his length, quickness and willingness to be physical throughout the route.



Too tactile and draws contact downfield. Struggles to break down in space and lets guys out. Gets bullied on blocks. Notable injury history, including a knee in 18' and multiple back microdiscectomies.



Farley had a breakout campaign in 2019 and was poised to contend for CB# 1 before opting out this year. A subsequent back microdisectomy has thrown his stock into a tizzy.

He carries as much upside as any DB in this class. His length, speed, fluidity and angry play style are first round caliber but he remains a relatively raw talent, and now with medical red flags.

NFL Comp. Dominque Rodgers Cromartie



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