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Broderick Jones Scouting Report

"Young, mean, OL prospect that can fire into the second level and flashes athleticism in pass pro. The drawbacks are that he's tight, often slow twitch and needs considerable technique work."



Young, and aggressive with power and running ability into the second level. Ideal temperament and relishes physical dominating upfront.

Smooth and athletic in space and can find and take out targets. Flashes a good punch. Flashes ability to recover from false step.



Tight and lacks good agility for the position. Let's his feet get stuck and can lose inside and out. Initial quickness is often below par. Balance is hit or miss.



Jones is a high upside OL prospect with natural power and mobility. He's mean, relishes the physicality and can run. The rub is that he lacks ideal lateral mobility and quickness and his technique isn't good enough to bail him out at this point.

Possesses length and many teams will bank on his ability to hone his technique but imo his feet and tightness might prevent him from being a reliable option on the outside.

NFL Comp: Elgton Jenkins



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