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Bo Melton Scouting Report

"RC car of a WR with good body control. The hitch is that he plays smaller than his size in contested catch situations."



RC car of a receiver with impressive cod and stop & start. Good hands and possesses sneaky physicality. Tough and quick to daylight in the open field and finishes runs.

Good body control and can toe tap or dig out a ground ball. Deceptive route runner and can get embarrassing separation on defenders at times. Surprisingly good blocker that pops and sustains.

#18 Melton possesses an impressive skillset but it's obstructed by an inability to win in traffic



Struggles in contested catch situations. Lacks explosive play strength and game changing plays become near misses. Upright runner and losses some get off to his high body lean.



Melton has high end traits and flashes route running separation and impressive body control. He's got good hands and flashes the ability to catch in traffic but more often than not, loses at the catch point to physical defenders.

His play strength shows up effectively as a blocker and runner in the open field but recedes when the ball is in the air. He struggles to power through contact or play through a defender to really open up his speed. That said, he's still a joystick and can be hard to mirror.

NFL Comp: Kenny Stills



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