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Benjamin St Juste Scouting Profile

"Long levered corner with an angry punch and special agility that could compensate for mediocre speed and click & close."



Long levered corner with strength and fluidity. Quick feet and cod. Mirrors effectively despite length. Long armed and flashes a physical punch in man.

Smart and shows awareness in zone and aggressiveness in man. Dominated in senior week 1 on 1s. Has played both corner and safety effectively.

Extraordinary length and fluidity are St. Juste's gifts. Here he shadows and takes away the quick slant.



Fluid mover but not a blazer. Not a quick twitch guy and a bit of a tweener CB/S.



St.Juste offers length, physicality and unique fluidity for a high cut guy. He's flashed a dominant punch in press and could become a chore to beat in a primarily man press scheme.

Crowding guys more at senior week practices than he did in the Gophers zone scheme, he really showed out and was arguably the best CB in Mobile. His speed and click & close are average and he was often beat playing off at Minnesota.

That said, his length and recognition do show up regardless off where he's lined up. Showed off unique short area agility for a long corner at his pro day. St.Juste is a diamond in the rough type that will surprise in the right scheme.

NFL Comp. fluid Dontae Johnson



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