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Ar'Darius Washington Scouting Profile

"Mathieu sized playmaker that packs a punch but can get smushed by blocks and run away from in the open field."



Instinctive, playmaking DB that packs a punch. Uber aggressive run supporter and solid tackler. Good ball skills and makes plays over the top and at the catch point.

Decent coverage ability in both zone and man and can handle the slot.



Gives up a lot of speed and sheer size. Struggles to recover from a false step. Can get eliminated by solid blocks. Writes checks his body can't cash and has long term durability concerns.



Washington uses football awareness, short area quickness, and reckless disregard for his body to get in position and angrily take down targets.

He's a playmaker on the ball but his size, speed limitations do show up often. He can be smushed by blocks and fall off ball carriers if he doesn't use perfect leverage. In coverage, he's a good anticipator but doesn't have great speed to recover.

NFL Comp. broke Rodney Mcleod



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