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Anthony Richardson Scouting Report

"Athletic unicorn with a cannon that flashes like a bigger Donovan McNabb but doesn't know how to play the position yet and forces teams to adopt a hope & prayer campaign."



Athletic unicorn with a cannon arm and light feet. Arm talented and can test tight windows. Adept throwing on the run and flashes good touch. Especially quick footed for his size and light on his feet.

Elusive in the pocket and can turn disasters into blessings. Has a truck stick option and can power through contact. Flashes progression reading.



Scattershot accuracy. Questionable decision maker. Lacks a clutch gene. Upright open field runner with limited vision. Experience deficient with just 13 career starts.



Richardson is a stunning tools, baby prospect that's just beginning to transform into a possible elite QB. He flashes impressive footwork, arm talent, and poise but generally presents awful accuracy, poor decision making, and limited field processing.

And while he's got game changing talent, he's typically not rising to critical moments and imposing his will on opponents. As a 1st round prospect, he'd tie Trey Lance and Mitchell Trubisky as 1st round QBs with the fewest career starts.

His skillset is reminiscent of a Micheal Vick, Cam Newton or a Justin Fields' of the last 9 games of 22'. His biggest potential impact, right now, is to take over a game with his running ability, although he never precisely did that at Florida.

Long term, a team with undeniable brass ones will be rolling the dice that he can mature into another Donovan McNabb or Josh Allen.

NFL Comp: bigger Michael Vick



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