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Anthony Johnson Jr Scouting Report

"Big corner with especially quick feet, loose hips, smooth cod and soft hands but has shoddy technique and isn't fast for a CB or strong for a safety."



Big, resilient, corner with especially quick feet, loose hips and efficient change of direction. Long frame, smooth and can mirror receivers. Good click & close and aggressively closes distance vs the run and screens.

Tactile and physical through the route and flashes ability to be a coverage bully. Good ball skills and doesn't drop many catch-able passes.



Doesn't have a 2nd gear. Wastes his hands and arm length at the los. Doesn't anticipate great and loses guys at the top of the route.

Needs to grab to hang in tight at transitions. Lacks a lot of sand for his size and tackling technique needs an overhaul.



Despite his experience Johnson is somewhat of a developmental man press corner. He's got ideal size, length and light feet. He doesn't waste motion and changes direction impressively quickly for his size. He relishes being physical in the route and has good ball skills.

The rub is that doesn't use his length at the los and doesn't have much experience actually pressing receivers. In his limited attempts, his top half was not coordinated with his lower half and it threw off his mobility.

He's potentially a pi magnet that acknowledges he's not a burner but likes to keep his hands on the receiver during the route instead at the start of it. He's aggressive and willing as a tackler but isn't strong at all, has shoddy technique and leaks guys out.

All that said, if a coach can scheme through his limitations and teach him to press soundly, he can be a surprise later round gem.

NFL Comp: Tray Walker



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