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Andrew Booth Jr Scouting Report

"Angry, twitched up playmaker with ball skills. The risk is that he's basically a one year wonder, lacks body control in his transitions and needs development."



Angry, attacking ballhawk with good size. Dominates the catch point and has good ball skills. Hyper aggressive play style and flashes bully tendencies at the los and through the route.

Flashes a mean punch and upper body strength. Relishes crashing in for run support. Solid speed and overall athletic ability.



Just over a one year starter and needs development. Click & close isn't elite and he often lacks body control in his transitions. Doesn't always play to his length and gets boxed out.



Booth has an ideal approach and play style on the boundary. He's athletic and hyper aggressive to the ball. I think he projects better in press than off the ball but could find a niche in either scheme.

He flashes play making with his attacking style but also often times lacks body control. He goes hard and can't recover back in ideal position. Off ball coverage shows missteps and overruns but he has the athletic skillset to excel there eventually.

But his angry, twitched up play should project better to a tactile press corner if he improves technique.

NFL Comp: Carlos Rogers



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