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Amik Robertson Scouting Report

"An aggressive, adept, playmaking , CB that's size challenged, but is the epitome of the size of the dog Mark Twain quote"



Quick footed, click/closer, with big time initial quickness and wiry strength. Great feet to mirror. Aggressive and physical despite being undersized.

Quick hands in press. Attacks the ball in the air with good ball skills. Adept playing off and up in man. Impressive recovery speed. Flat out playmaker with 14ints, 34 PD's, 23 TFL's and 3 TD's in three seasons.

  • Robertson has large cache of highlights to look at but I like this one from 2018 vs LSU. Joe Burrow's on a play action rollout designed for Justin Jefferson. Robertson savages him man to man and kills the play.



Size challenged. Not the most fluid of hips. Business decision tackler that can be a liability in run support.

  • Robertson wanted no part of this tackle on Devin Singletary; he gets hung on the block than becomes a spectator.



  • Robertson's tape is easy to like. This exchange vs LSU epitomizes his play character. On the running play, Robertson straightens up 6'6 230 WR Dee Anderson at the poa, and then let's him know.


Amik's an aggressive, natural playmaker that backs up his short area quickness with sound technique and quick hands. Employs an attacking style and aggressively flies up on the ball. He's a smaller guy but doesn't back down from anyone.

That said, can bite off more than he can chew vs bigger, physical receivers. He's a selective open field tackler that doesn't want any part of it unless the guy doesn't see it coming.

He's an easy projection as a slot corner but I think he has the press ability and tenacity to live outside as well.

NFL Comp. Tim Jennings



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