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Alec Pierce Scouting Report

"Big bodied guy with build up deep speed and ball skills. The catch is that he's lethargic in and out of breaks and offers a wide target for physical press corners."



Big bodied WR with deep speed and good ball skills. Tracks the ball well and boxes out down the field. Chunk play magnet. Solid hands catcher and can go get it in traffic.

Builds up speed and can run past most guys. Tested like a freak athlete.



Lethargic off the line and in and out of breaks belying his deep speed. Poor blocker for his size.



Pierce is a big guy with length that can run by defenders if you let him. He's got solid ball skills and can track balls well and go up and over guys.

He's a build up speed guy however, that isn't quick into routes or breaks. His physicality is also sub par as a blocker which suggests the potential of having issues getting off the line vs the press in his future.

NFL Comp: Justin McCareins



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