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Sauce Gardner Scouting Report

"Wiry, angry, tactile, technician that was rarely challenged early on at Nippert. Smothering, but grabby corner that may face an adjustment period negotiating pro refereeing."



Wiry, tactile, technician with tremendous length. Quick, loose hipped for his height and mirrors well. Dictates with his hands at the los and throughout the route.

Good recognition and will jump into run support when his number is called. Fiery competitor that doesn't give up and makes his share of recovery plays.

Gardner's been an angry technician since his freshman season. He's quick for his length but also quick to get tactile to maintain position.

He could endure an adjustment period as a pro while he learns what he can and can't get away with.



Doesn't possesses elite foot quickness or speed and grabs when he's at a disadvantage. Rail thin and can bite off more than can handle as a tackler.



Gardner can be a smothering corner with his length, quickness and technique. Although he's a wisp, he's got some shock in his hands and is more physical than his frame suggests.

Started as a true freshman and eventually was respected enough that teams left him alone. Never gave up a TD reception as a Bearcat and let's you know about it.

Rarely challenged as a junior but during his career he's had a tendency to get especially tactile when he feels he's out of position. Equally comfortable playing off but is built for man coverage.

NFL Comp: skinny Nnamdi Asomugha



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