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A.J. Dillon Scouting Report

"A near 250 pound power back with surprisingly light feet and good speed. If I'm looking for drawbacks, it's that he's logged a heavy workload at BC and wasn't a factor in the passing game"



Power back with light feet and solid breakaway speed. Runs to daylight effectively. Solid lateral quickness in the hole and can make the first guy miss.

Lowers head, drives feet and generally falls forward for extra yards.

Turns the corner at 245+ pounds. Carries a medieval stiff arm. Bell cow guy that carried his BC offense for 3 seasons.

  • For a bruising back, what's different about Dillon are his light feet. His burst, cod into the hole and ability to make defenders miss 1 on 1 should generate chunk plays at the next level.



Lacks experience and competency in pass pro and as a receiver. Doesn't string moves together and isn't elusive in the 2nd level.

Good lean through the hole but pops up in the open field. Carried a heavy load at BC, averaging 280 carries a year for 3 seasons.



Dillon's a fullback sized RB that can run like a smaller guy. He's got light feet and changes direction well for his size.

He's a banger that can lower the shoulder and fall for extra yards but also exploit a gap and reel off a chunk run.

  • I think there's a good bit of James Conner in Dillon's game. Both were productive power backs with good lateral quickness and each unproven as receivers in college. Dillon's thicker and a little faster however.


Dillon's pass pro and receiving ability are a near complete projection as he rarely had opportunities in the pass game at BC.

To his credit though, at the combine he effectively caught the ball under that intense scrutiny. Confidence is likely the primary obstacle for him to overcome as a receiver.

NFL Comp. bigger James Conner



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