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Jordan Love Scouting Report

"Jekyll and Hyde QB prospect that, at his best, is an elite arm talent with pocket mobility and poise, at worst, he's a slow read, spread only QB, that's prone to pressing"



Spread QB that flashes a lightening release, impressive velocity and touch. Solid thrower on the run. Changes up arm angles and can throw strikes off platform. 

Adept touch passer that can drop it in the bucket. Has the arm talent to test the smallest of windows. Can stand in and rip or drop in accurate throws under pressure.

Competent pocket awareness and is a quick footed scrambler with an extra gear.



Can be a predetermining, mechanical, scheme dependent passer. Offers up a lot of unforced errant throws. Can stare at targets. Tends to hang up his deep passes.

Doesn't always see out in front. Forces throws and uses the driver when he needs the putter and vice versa.

Delivery can get deliberate. Vacates a clean pocket every so often.

  • Love's pretty enigmatic. He can throw 3 strikes in a row, including evading pressure, then offer up one like this in the video out of a clean pocket.

  • I think Love has a good bit of Derek Carr to him. Franchise caliber tools with occasional spotty poise. This under pressure panic toss reminds me a lot of the Raiders QB.



Love has an abundance of arm talent and regularly makes off platform throws with a flick of the wrist. His ceiling is enticing enough that despite a drop in play as a junior, he's making NFL decision makers double take his projection.

The floor is that he shows some of the typical characteristics of other failed spread QBs; he's often a slow read guy with inconsistent accuracy. It's the overall inconsistency that makes him a tough evaluation.

For me his projection is somewhere between a Josh Freeman and a Ryan Tannehill.

NFL Comp. Ryan Tannehill


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