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Justin Herbert Scouting Report

"Statuesque, tools checker that looks like he came out of a create a QB game feature but his play too often lacks a killer instinct"



Big time arm with leveled up velocity and arm talent. Flashes elite ball placement. Especially athletic for his size and a good runner out of the backfield.

Tallest QB in the class but has light feet and decent footwork with solid mechanics. Flashes ability to progression read. Works to looks off defenders. Sterling character guy.

  • Herbert just has a rifle when he really opens up.

  • At 6'6+ he's a surprisingly capable running QB. It's a trait that was underutilized for the most part at Oregon but will likely be a bigger part of his pro game.



Lacks great anticipation and can be mechanical. Limited progression reader and generally just a one read guy. Imprecise mechanics.

Not regularly elusive in the pocket despite good athletic ability and takes sacks. Inconsistent pocket presence and pressure often rattles him. Bit of an introvert personality.

  • The guy that can run around like the one in the earlier video also takes sacks like the one here. It's an urgency issue more than poor pocket presence.

  • Another bit of lack of urgency here that leads to contact on his throwing arm. He steps up but his mechanics are too deliberate.

  • Under some duress here, he locks onto his guy and just doesn't see out in front of the throw.



Herbert looks like he came out of a create a QB game feature. Regrettably reminds me a little of Blaine Gabbert, in that, in the photo or gif, everything looks great.. but he's inconsistent and can lack a good feel in the pocket when things go off script.

He regularly makes eye opening throws and can be a dangerous running QB, but similar to alum Mariota, there's a lack of anticipation and finish to his game. He's often lacking a killer instinct and plays too deliberate.

All that said, you still get a feeling with Herbert that if he pairs up with the right coach, one that exploits his ability as a runner/thrower, he can be an effective starter.

NFL Comp. bigger Marcus Mariota


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